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    tables have turned〓 in recent yea■rs, which mean●s Chinese ■smartphones■ manufacture〓rs - Huawei, Xiaom●i, ZTE, Meizu〓 and Oppo -■ have become widel◆y-popular for● consumers worl○dwide.And f○or more proof ●that Chinese hi-◆tech companies are〓 overcoming Japa■nese firms in inte●rnational rank●ings and st●atus, the 2015 Asi●an

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    Economic 〓Integration repo■rt published by the ◆Asian Development ◆Bank disclosed th●at China had sur■passed Japan● to emerge ■as the num●ber one hi-tech A●sian exporter in 201〓4.Chi

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    na's share of ●Asian exports had ■risen to 43.7● percent in 20◆14, compared ■to 9.4 percent in● 2000. Japan's shar〓e had plunged to 7.〓7 percent, from◆ 25.5 percent in 20●00.China's

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    e○xports of low-tech g●oods had accounted f〓or 28 perce◆nt of its ex■port marke■t in 2014, compar●ed to 41 percent in○ 2000.Moving for〓ward to 201◆6 the figures a●re eve

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    n bet●ter. Accordin◆g to statisti◆cs compiled by the 〓World Bank, Chi〓na is the leadi■ng exporter of● hi-tech devic●es, totaling ov○er US$560bn fo◆r 2016. In co

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    mparis〓on, Japan export○ed hi-tech goo〓ds valued ○at US$105bn● for the same year.N〓onetheless, many Ch○inese companies◆ are not satisfied w〓ith prior su◆ccess and they 〓hope to enjoy○ even greater suc●cess in the lon●g-term fut●ure.Chinese smartph○one manufacturers ar●e looking ahea○d to adapt bett○er software● and hardwa〓re to be built■ into their smartph■one devices, as w◆ell as to p○rovide d

    eepe○r support for ●domestic companies◆ to develo■p new chips, so they◆ can stand at ○the forefr●ont to challenge ●their bigger glo●bal rivals●, such as Qua◆lcomm and Intel〓.Huawei makes bo〓ld chip moveShenz〓hen-based Huaw◆ei Technolog○ies, a telecom equip○ment maker and Chi◆na's larges●t smartphon○e vendor by shipment◆s, has demonstrated ●support for ■"Made-in-C●hina" chip●s by intro●ducing a home◆made processo○r, Kir

    in 950, insta■lled in it's flagsh●ip device, Mate 8 th■at was introduced to■ the market in 2015.〓HiSilicon Techn●ologies Co. Ltd., a ●chipmaking s〓ubsidiary ◆of Huawei, pro○duces the Kirin 95■0 that boasts of fas●ter proces■sing speed an〓d a power effic■ient design.Th■e Kirin se○ries has alread●y enjoyed remarka●ble success○ and had integ〓rated into Mate 9● and 10 series f○rom 2016 to 2017.■HiSi

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    n ◆2015, accor〓ding to Canal◆ys research firm.M◆obile e-comm○erce to be○nefitCreating ■new chip t■echnology off●ers numerous a●dvantages. For examp■le, cyber-attack〓s have become a r〓ising conce○rn for mobile o○nline consumers〓 since use〓rs place confi〓dential perso■nal informatio■n at risk ●when transfe●rring data to l〓egitimate online〓 vendors.C■hinese technol◆ogy firms are dev●eloping mor?/p>

    馿 enhanced ■chips to comb◆at cyber-cr〓imes, while i〓ncreasing pr●ocessing speeds〓. Huawei i◆s a major player ●in the field. Such a◆dvances can add s●tronger momentu◆m to the nation'●s mobile e-comme■rce market.The r〓esearch firm, Fo○rrester's, reports● that, China had● surged to th○e world's biggest〓 online econom◆y in 2013. ◆In that year alo■ne, 25 percent of Ch■inese reside●nts had shopped fro■m smartphones w○eekly, a

    nd 69 perc●ent of Chine■se purchased at leas〓t one item from a m●obile device.Th■e figures had surg●ed to even g○reater heigh■ts from 2014 t●o 2016. And risin◆g revenues f■rom Chinese○ e-Commerc○e sales are ex■pected to continue ◆on for 201■7 and the y○ears ahead.."Ma〓de-in-China" chip〓s for the massesAcco◆rdingly, with stron○g government● support, Ch■inese hi-tec◆h companies have add〓ed incent